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Where Dig my FAQ Page Go?

Nobody ever asked me that, not even once. But I would like to know.

I just got this WYSIWYG editor made some changes and whaam half my page was gone and even my changes disappeared. Oh well....    so.... please excuse my diddling around while I attempt to move myself into the windows environment. I was perfectly happy with Dos. These days that might make me a ludite.

When did you close your store?

About four years ago.

Why did you close your store?

Do you think downtown El Cajon redevelopment has improved downtown El Cajon?


I bought the name 50,000 Books when I purchased the bookstore over 25 years ago and liked it in spite of the stupid comments like do you really have 50,000 Books? At that time it was only around 20,000 books. Within three years I expanded the size and inventory to over 50,000 books, and when I closed the bricks and mortar the database showed around 80,000 books. 50,000 Books just sounds like a whole lot of books, and the reason I sound so redundant about the name 50,000 Books in El Cajon is because I find it so annoying that when you put in the name of 50000 Books in a search engine the store actually named 50,000 Books might not even come up on the first page.After spending a year and a half moving out of one building I was in, I got word from my new property manager that I would have to move from part of the other building I was in. I had to do this in a couple of months, and they only way to get it done on my budget was to close. In addition all the yelling, and swearing I was doing would have cost me even more customers. The property manager knew that I was in the middle of a huge consolidation but had committed to a major rahab on the building and "needed me to move in a hurry". So they could start. So I did it, and then that part of the building sat empty for over a year and a half.The first move was to cut costs so I could afford to stay in the corner building. It's both ironic and devastating that once this was completed I then had to move from the other building. Why they waited until I had moved out of the other building, I'll never understand. It's my understanding that they were pressured by the El Cajon Community Development Corporation to fix up the building and needed a more lucrative tenant to justify the cost. That's why they call it community development. Fascist development just doesn't have the same ring.

What really bothers you about redevelopment?


Lack of transparency? Irresponsibility? Who wins, who loses? The sheer complexity of it?

It seems to me that capitalism is wonderful, if you have capital, you can benefit. And the more you have, the more you can benefit. But... when you try to augment that by government action, you tip the scales. And when financial capital, is valued more than human capital, well that is friendly fascism, or pure greed, take your pick.

And when government thinks that it benefits financially, you can guess which side they're going to come down on. Suddenly, government's a business.

Back pain, an amazing thing about moving 50,000 Books.


I have had minor back problems for many years. After two and a half years of moving several thousand boxes of books, my back never felt better. The worst thing about back pain is the fear of back pain.

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